Our centre takes a general holistic approach towards our medical practices and procedures (adults and paediatrics).

However, we are now also acquiring a strong focus on our range of cosmetic services and treatments, particularly cosmetic injectables and laser rejuvenation services. Our highly qualified registered nurse will go through a thorough treatment plan with you to achieve the best and most-natural looking results as possible, whilst maintaining client safety and using evidence-based practice.

We also offer the best and latest laser treatments with the revolutionary Picoway (Syneron Candela) that specifically targets pigmentation (melasma, sun spots, freckles, birth marks, etc), tattoo removal, and collagen and elastin stimulation. Picoway can treat ALL skin types safely with minimal downtime, and less side effects and treatments required while achieving the best results possible.

In the near future, we are contemplating the possibility of expanding into collagen-induction therapy with platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) services, as well as non-surgical fat reduction services.

Our Mission:

“We are committed to improving our customers quality of life, well-being and health by delivering a comprehensive range of the most up to date medical and cosmetic treatments and procedures medical and beauty latest trends and technologies available have to offer.”