Remove unwanted tattoos with Picoway! 

Do you have a tattoo you regret getting when you were younger? Picoway is the safest and most effective laser device in the industry that can be used to target all colorus of pigment in the colour spectrum to remove your unwanted tattoos. It works by delivering ultra-short pulses to shatter the tattoo into tiny ink particles where your body will naturally eliminate them.

Picoway can treat recalcitrant tattoos, and colors that are hard to treat such as blue and green, and can be used on any skin type. With its amazing picosecond technology, treatments are much more comfortable than other traditional lasers in the market, with fewer side effects and fewer sessions as well.

a. Tattoo ink before PicoWay treatment.

b. PicoWay technology shatters the pigment into minuscule particles that can easily be removed by the body.

How does it work?

Picoway delivers energy in ultra-short pulses that are very fast (one-trillionth of a second!), such that it will effectively shatter your tattoo pigments into tiny particles, where your body will naturally metabolise them and clear the ink from your skin over your next few sessions. The Picoway hand-piece delivers the energy in highly-precise pulses to target only the ink particles, and not the surrounding tissue.

Are there any side effects?

Picoway treats the ink whilst leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. As it generates less heat in the skin compared to previous traditional lasers, there are fewer side effects with the Picoway, making it a safer option. Typical side effects after your session includes slight reddening or temporary discoloration of the treated area, and some may experience mild lightening of the skin that will typically resolve to normal skintone.

Will it hurt?

Since the Picoway delivers minimal heat into the skin as it uses photoacoustic (sound) energy, there is minimal pain associated during treatments. However, discomfort varies with each individual. There are options that we provide to make the treatments more comfortable if needed such as using an air-cooling device, as well as topical numbing cream as well.

Is it safe for darker skin types?

Most lasers in the industry is contraindicated with darker skin tones as the heat absorbed in the skin may be too much that hyperpigmentation can occur. Picoway on the other hand, is safe for darker skin tones as it uses photoacoustic energy to precisely target the ink particles, where heat does not transfer to surrounding skin.

How many sessions do I need? How long between treatments?

The number of sessions needed is dependent on your tattoo (age, location, depth, size, type of tattoo), and it is best to discuss this during your consultation in clinic. Time between treatments range between 2-4 weeks as there is a much faster recovery time associated with Picoway, whereas other lasers have treatment intervals of 6-8 weeks.